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Dry ice cleaning is the most effective process for materials with debris build-up. The combination of power and gentleness allows old paint and grime to be removed from historical items without

secondary waste, allowing for a hassle-free clean.


Dry ice transforms metal and plastic gear back to original finish that suffer from layers of grime and dirty surfaces. Equipment such as CNC machines and printing presses that regularly accumulate soil, benefit from the process for a ready-to-use finish.  


Restoring speciality equipment such as pharmaceutical drums to their original finish can be time consuming and hazardous. Our servicing is complete without the use of liquid phase or disassembly, which enables us to clean large-sized equipment in confined areas.  

Dry Ice Advantages
  • No Hazardous Chemicals

  • No Secondary Waste 

  • No Liquid Phase 

  • Faster and Cleaner Compared to Traditional Methods

  • Lower Carbon Footprint 

  • No Disassembly of Equipment Needed 

  • A.S.M.E Standard

  • No Fire or Electrical Hazard

  • Approved for Food Processing Facilities

Dry Ice Applications
  • Manufacturing Equipment

  • Boiler Tubes 

  • Robotic Equipment 

  • Molding Equipment  

  • Crane Equipment

  • Building Foundation

  • Brick and Cement Blocks

  • Food Processing Equipment

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Indoor or outdoor, Lake Effect provides the essential cleaning services your business requires.  
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